Profile of a BrooklineCAN Member

Ginny1Many BrooklineCAN members are actively engaged in our community. A prime example of such engagement is Ginny Mazur, the Community Partnership Director at Goddard House Assisted Living and Memory Support, one of BrooklineCAN’s founding partners. She is a key member of the BrooklineCAN Education Committee and is the person who has come up with many of the ideas for programs and speakers over the years. Ginny introduced and guided the production of the Reunion Project at the Senior Center last year. She is active in local, state-wide, and national organizations.  Her many interests include combating ageism, promoting disability rights, and using the arts and nature in creating a better life for those with cognitive impairments. Her pilot of the Opening Minds through Art program for persons living with dementia at Goddard House has received the 2017 Program Innovation Award from LeadingAGE Massachusetts. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Brookline Chamber of Commerce.

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