Town Meeting Results

tm3Town Meeting passed all proposals supported by BrooklineCAN.
1. An article has been added to the Town’s By-laws that specifies the responsibilities of the Commission on Disability. The addition to the By-laws reinforces recent efforts to strengthen its contributions.
2. Lower speed limits on Brookline streets. The Transportation Board was authorized to reduce general speed limits on Brookline streets to 25 miles per hour and 20 miles in various “safety zones.”
3. Brookline joined a growing number of municipalities that have committed themselves to supporting and adhering to the Paris Climate Change Agreement of 2015. Some BrooklineCAN members are deeply involved in Brookline’s climate action efforts.
4    Resolution to support  state legislation that would permit municipalities to adopt new local taxes to finance pedestrian, bicycle, and mass transportation infrastructure improvements.  Additional revenue would enable Brookline to do a better job of maintaining its sidewalks.

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