Intergenerational Volunteer Program on Brookline TV

vol1On the March 29  Age Friendly Cities (AFC-TV) program,  Patricia Burns, Volunteer Coordinator of the Brookline Senior Center, shared stories and information about the many opportunities for young persons to volunteer on behalf of seniors in Brookline.  We learned much of what drives participation in the program.   Nick Brown, Student Coordinator of the Brookline High School SHOP program also appeared and talked about SHOP where young people offer to shop for groceries for seniors. Patricia has run the program for three years with a key goal of introducing young volunteers to older people needing assistance with shopping, technology, visits, errands and food programs.  Earlier Patricia was an Assistant Country Director in the Harvard School of Public Health working with Botswana and helped start the Health Sciences College in Ethiopia.

View the Brookline Age Friendly Cities TV programs on the BrooklineCAN web site

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