Street Lighting for Pedestrian Safety

light2This fall BrooklineCAN’s Livable Community Advocacy committee volunteers collected data on street lighting as it meets pedestrian needs. The aim is to assure that sidewalks are safe for pedestrians after dark.  Ten volunteers walked sidewalks at night in much of North Brookline. They used maps provided by the Brookline Information Technology department showing locations of utility poles that hold street lights. Volunteers documented lights that were out, locations where sidewalks are dark or dim because foliage on trees blocks lighting, and spots that are dark because light poles are too far apart.

It was surprising how many lights were not working. These were reported immediately to the Town through BrookOnLine.  Many of the problems were solved within a few days. Residents are encouraged to report non-functioning street lights themselves. Using a smart phone and the free BrookOnLine app, residents can easily report street lighting problems.

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