Car Sharing with Zipcar

Continuing our focus on transportation resources, let’s take a look at car sharing. For those who drive but prefer not to own a car, signing up with Zipcar is an attractive option. You need a valid driver’s license and you have to be over 21. There doesn’t seem to be an upper age limit. The company provides insurance, gas, and 180 free miles a day, and you have a choice of three plan options for individuals, depending on how often you intend to use a car. The monthly fees range from $7  to $70 per month. Signing up on line is quick and easy. Your Zipcar card is mailed to you in a few days and then you can contact Zipcar to order a car. You pick up your car at the agreed-upon parking space by tapping your card on the windshield. The car unlocks, the keys are inside, and off you go!  For more information visit

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