Do You Uber?

BrooklineCAN continues to review alternate transportation services. This month, we report on Uber, the taxi-substitute service that is all the rage. Touted mostly for a younger generation who grew up online, Uber definitely is a useful service for people of any age who may need last-minute transportation from one place to another.

Uber has many positive features. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Once the service is added to your phone, you need only to click on the Uber icon and a car will arrive at your door in 3 to 5-minutes (depending upon where you live). Uber automatically bills you from the charge card you established when you originally instituted the system. You don’t need to tip or pay the driver. It’s all taken care of by Uber.  Downsides: you not only need a smart phone, you need to have flexible fingers and be proficient using a smart phone. Also, you may need support in launching the system.

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