Age Friendly Cities TV Program

On Thursday October 29 Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) began to air the third in a series of Age Friendly Cities TV (AFC-TV) programs on local Brookline channels. Once the program has aired, it will be available on the BrooklineCAN web site and the BrooklineCAN Twitter and Facebook accounts. The show is focused on STRAITS, a user-friendly initiative for seniors and adults with disabilities.  STRAITS will provide advice and consultation on alternative ways to get around when they find they have to limit or refrain from driving on their own.

The guest is Shirley Selhub who received an award at the BrooklineCAN Annual Meeting for her excellent work in conceiving STRAITS (Senior Transportation Resource, Advice, Information, Training and Support).  Shirley identified the need, found grant funding and contributed significantly to the writing of the proposal.  Kerri Hamberg of Brookline, the coordinator and manager of STRAITS, can be reached at 617-730-2777.

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