Street Lighting for Pedestrian Safety

The BrooklineCAN Livable Community Advocacy committee has launched an effort to improve street lighting for pedestrians in densely developed areas of North Brookline. The aim is to assure that pedestrians can see adequately on sidewalks after dark. The project was proposed by LCAC member Susan Granoff. In October while leaves were still on the trees, volunteers walked sidewalks after dark in much of the proposed pedestrian-friendly district in North Brookline. Over 50 problems were identified including malfunctioning lights, dim spots between widely-spaced poles, and foliage obstructing lights. Peter Ditto, the Town’s director of Engineering, has agreed to lead an effort to address the problem. Contact Susan Granoff ( Frank Caro ( to report problems in your neighborhood or to volunteer to help the committee when it resumes its walks on dark sidewalks in the spring.

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