Joining BrooklineCAN’s LCAC Changed My Life!

I attended my first meeting of the Livable Community Advocacy Committee on January 12, 2015. I had no idea what a wonderful difference my becoming a member of the LCAC was going to make to my life.

Though I had lived in Brookline for over 25 years, I had not been involved in any aspect of Brookline’s government or any Brookline volunteer organizations (including BrooklineCAN). As a recent retiree, I had attended some literature courses and traveled, but I wasn’t really using any of the skills I had spent a lifetime developing.

I was at that LCAC meeting because I had been working on a plan to help more Brookline senior homeowners qualify for the state’s circuit-breaker income tax credit. Committee members welcomed my plan and offered excellent suggestions about how to improve it.  A few encouraged me to consider running for Brookline Town Meeting, something that I had never considered doing. I did run for Town Meeting and was elected.  I’ve since been re-elected twice and have been a member of Brookline’s Advisory Committee (the Town’s finance committee) since 2018.

I continued to attend LCAC meetings and became increasingly involved with a whole array of BrooklineCAN activities. Now, as Chair of the LCAC, I try to keep meetings just as welcoming and interesting as when I first attended. At our meetings, we convey useful information about Brookline government and discuss a variety of proposed Town Meeting warrant articles of special interest to seniors.

Unlike other committees, becoming a member of the LCAC comes with no obligations. Everyone on our mailing list receives an agenda for our next monthly meeting, along with a Zoom link, and notes summarizing what was discussed at last month’s meeting. Anyone interested in attending who is not already a member of the LCAC should contact me at

Attending LCAC meetings may not change your life the way it did mine, but it will certainly make you more informed about Brookline, introduce you to many interesting Brookline residents who you might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet (particularly in these COVID times), and help you to become a better advocate for matters of special concern to Brookline’s older population. (Susan Granoff)

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