Volunteer Opportunities for BrooklineCAN Members

Two members of the BrooklineCAN Membership Committee recently visited three dwellings where seniors live:  Brown House, 1550 Beacon Street, and 100 Centre Street. A number of those attending asked about volunteer opportunities with BrooklineCAN.  Here are three options from the Communication Committee. In future issues we will feature other options with other BrooklineCAN committees.

BrooklineCAN is seeking a backup webmaster.  Do you know html, css, javascript, and ftp?  The current webmaster will continue to do the bulk of the work.  Email webmaster@brooklinecan.org.

The Public Relations/Media Committee could use additional support.  If you have writing skills and/or would be willing to do media outreach, contact elenoreparker@Comcast.net.

Besides writing, BrooklineCAN’s  newsletter is looking for volunteers to work on the setup and publication of the newsletter. Experience with WordPress is a plus. If interested contact carol.b.caro@gmail.com .

If you live in a building where you could host a gathering for interested residents, contact  Membership Committee members Ellen at epbick@comcast.net and/or Marsha at  Mfrankel77@comcast.net

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