The High School Pool Is Open!

Wearing masks, we sign in and enter the pool area. Already in our suits (no changing rooms right now), we shed our clothes, remove our masks, and glide into the warmth of the Lesson Pool. We have 45 minutes to savor the time in the pool, socially distanced, then we must leave with our (wet) suit on. So, how do you get here?  At the website, find a heading: Swim Reservations. Sign into your account and choose the pool and the lane you want:  four lanes for laps, two lanes for the lesson pool, or you could have the whole diving well to yourself!  You can sign up for two times a week, but you can only sign up less than a week in advance. Each session costs $10. Choose the time that suits you, and voila!  You’re back in the swim of things!  (Reported by Mary M, a BrooklineCAN member.)

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