Survey: Living with COVID-19

The risk of catching COVID-19 has become part of our lives. Older people are particularly at risk if they catch the disease. We are in a period when everyone is being encouraged to take steps to stay safe as we consider venturing out to resume some approximation of a normal life.

BrooklineCAN is conducting a survey of older Brookline residents to learn how they are managing the risk of catching COVID-19. What precautions are they taking? In what ways are they resuming normal activities? What adjustments have they made in their activities as they have limited their contacts with other people? Answers to these questions will be helpful to the Council on Aging as it reaches out to serve older residents effectively away from the Senior Center. With help from BIG, BrooklineCAN is sponsoring virtual panel discussions of life with COVID-19. The survey broadens our effort on the topic by making it possible to hear from all Brookline seniors.

BrooklineCAN is seeking extensive participation in the survey to obtain a complete picture of experience of older residents in this extraordinary period. Data will be collected during the month of September. The survey can be completed online by clicking on this LINK Paper copies of the survey can also be obtained by calling the Senior Center at 617 730 2777 and asking for the “Living with COVID” survey.

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