BrooklineCAN to Help Senior Center Recoup from Budget Cut

The BrooklineCAN Steering Committee has voted to make a gift of $4,000 to the Senior Center to help the Council on Aging adjust to a $90,000 cut in its budget.  Like other Town departments, the Council on Aging has received a big cut in its budget because of the recession triggered by the Covid-19 crisis. The gift from BrooklineCAN will be used to support the Council’s Information and Referral service and to help provide part-time custodial services. In addition, the gift will help to extend work on BrooklineCAN age-friendly business initiative.

BrooklineCAN is able to make the gift because a traditional annual meeting will not be possible this year. The funds we usually spend on food and beverages at our annual meeting will go instead to help the Council on Aging.

In place of its annual meeting, BrooklineCAN will be holding a virtual forum on September 10 on new housing for seniors in Brookline. See the article about the forum in this issue. Plan to watch the forum at home and provide your own refreshments.

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