Town Meeting to Vote on Two Senior Housing Proposals

The annual Town Meeting starting June 23 will be voting on two warrant articles of special interest to seniors. Both are concerned with housing. Welltower, a national real estate development company, is proposing a senior living community with 160 units at the site of the former Newbury College. To go forward, Welltower needs approval from the Town for zoning changes on the property. The zoning change proposal is Article 9. For more information about the proposal, see

BrooklineCAN’s Livable Community Advocacy Committee (LCAC) supports the proposal because it will provide an attractive residential option that is not currently available in Brookline. Further, it will bring much needed property tax revenue to the Town.

Town Meeting will also be voting on the way in which the Welltower development will meet its obligation to create new affordable housing units. One option is an 18-unit development on Holland Road on a property now owned by Welltower. Another option is for Welltower to provide cash to the Town that would allow the Brookline Housing Authority to rebuild and expand the existing Col. Floyd senior housing development on Marion Street. The affordable housing issue will be decided by Article 13. BrooklineCAN LCAC and the Board of Directors of the Brookline Senior Center are supporting the Col. Floyd option because of the great need for replacement of the 60 existing units on the site and the opportunity to build 40 additional affordable units.

Readers with opinions about the proposals should contact their Town Meeting Members.

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