Housing Affordability in the Age of COVID-19: Changing the Conversation

“Building a Better Brookline”,  a town-wide coalition of organizations concerned about housing affordability in Brookline, holds its First Forum, “Housing Affordability in the Age of COVID-19: Changing the Conversation,” on Zoom on Sunday, June 14 from 1 to 3:00 pm.

Organized by an innovative partnership of three Brookline boards and commissions – the Housing Advisory Board; Commission for Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Relations; and Economic Development Advisory Board – the alliance came together to overcome barriers to housing affordability.

This first of three Forums, moderated by Frank Steinfield, CEO, Brookline Community Foundation, will discuss how diversity and inclusion, transportation, economic development, and climate sustainability all impact housing affordability. Bob Van Meter, Jewish Alliance for Law & Social Action, will speak on “Confronting the History of Housing Discrimination”.

Co-sponsored by BrooklineCAN, the forums are free and welcome everyone. For additional information please contact Joan Lancourt, jlancourt@comcast.net or Jonathan Klein, jklein728@gmail.com. Register at “Building a Better Brookline

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