New Google Group for BrooklineCAN Members

BrooklineCAN invites you to join our new Google Group, the BrooklineCAN Network. This is an email forum for BrooklineCAN members to share ideas, comments and news.  It is open to all active BrooklineCAN members.

The Network will enable members of BrooklineCAN to initiate and participate in discussions similar to those conducted in blogs. Communication will be via emails to the BrooklineCAN Network forum. Each email will be distributed to all members of the forum.  Response to an email from the forum will also be distributed to the members.

As a Network participant, you can bring up topics that you are curious about or interested in. These topics might  include  prevention of age discrimination,  elections, housing for older adults, affordable housing, tax work off programs, warrant articles, technology capabilities, coronavirus, AFC-TV episodes, benches, pickle ball, or bocce. You could also request information about  where to find a shop that delivers, what others are doing for exercise these days, or  how to access on-line programs that interest you. You could share news about birds in your neighborhood or walks you enjoy.

The only limit on the Network is that communications should be respectful and mindful of other points of view. To join send an email to requesting participation.

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