Future of Aging Program at WBUR’s Cityspace

The first in a series of panel discussions on aging will be presented at WBUR’s CitySpace on March 2 from 12 noon to 2:00 PM. The topic will be Age is Not a Medical Condition: Healthy Aging After 50. Louise Aronson, author of Elderhood: Reinventing Aging, Transforming Medicine, and Reimagining Life, will be the keynote speaker. The panelists will be Jan Hively (Boston College), Lisa Krinsky (Fenway Health), Sarah Lamb (Brandeis University),  and Terry O’Malley (Mass General Hospital). Joann Montepare, (Lasell University) will moderate the discussion. Tickets may be purchased online at https://www.wbur.org/events. WBUR Cityspace is located at 890 Commonwealth Ave.

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