Networking: Town Meeting Passes an Accessory Dwelling Unit Bylaw

In December, Brookline Town Meeting adopted an Accessory Dwelling Unit bylaw. Under certain conditions, the bylaw will allow owners of single-family homes to add an additional private living unit. Older homeowners with an accessory unit will enjoy opportunities to provide housing for caregivers or family members. For some, the rental unit will be a valuable income source. From its inception, the BrooklineCAN Livable Community Advocacy committee sought an Accessory Dwelling Unit Bylaw in Brookline. The Brookline Housing Advisory Board took the lead in preparing a highly technical bylaw proposal and brought it to Town meeting. In Town Meeting, the proposal received support from the Commission on Inclusion, Diversity, and Community Relations which has embraced an ambitious affordable housing agenda.

Roger Blood led the effort to pass an Accessory Dwelling Unit bylaw. In 2016, BrooklineCAN honored Roger at its annual meeting for his many years of work to create more affordable housing in Brookline.

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