Seeking Support for a Zoning Proposal at Town Meeting to Improve Senior Housing Options

The BrooklineCAN Livable Community Advocacy Committee seeks your help in encouraging Town Meeting to pass a zoning proposal that would improve housing options for seniors. Article 19 is a proposal to add a new zoning bylaw permitting accessory dwelling units in single family homes. In plain words, the proposal would allow homeowners to create a small secondary apartment within their home. Older people could benefit in several ways. Older homeowners might obtain personal assistance, help with home maintenance, or rental income from the occupant of the second unit. In other cases, an adult child might create the second unit for a parent who assists with childcare. Town Meeting will consider a proposal that is carefully written to protect the quality of single-family neighborhoods.  We ask that you call or email your Town Meeting representatives to encourage them to vote FAVORABLE ACTION. Here is a link to all Town Meeting Members emails and phone numbers.

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