BrooklineCAN Advocacy Leads to Improved Sidewalk Lighting for Pedestrians

In May, Town Meeting unanimously approved a resolution initiated by BrooklineCAN that aims to make sidewalks safer for pedestrians after dark. The resolution requests that the Select Board appoint a committee to develop a plan to extend pedestrian-friendly lighting along sidewalks with extensive pedestrian activity. The resolution expects that the committee will determine the extent to which there is public demand for improved lighting for pedestrians, identify locations where improved pedestrian lighting is most needed, and examine costs of installation and operation of new pedestrian-friendly street lighting. The proposal grew out of a Livable Community Advocacy Committee project. To address complaints about inadequate sidewalk lighting, BrooklineCAN volunteers surveyed sidewalk lighting conditions in much of north Brookline in the early fall of 2015 and again in 2016. In conducting the project, the volunteers had extensive communication with the Department of Public Works both about street lights on tall poles high above the roads and street tree foliage that blocked lighting from reaching sidewalks. The BrooklineCAN volunteers concluded that more fixtures are needed on poles that are shorter, placed closer together, and with light directed at sidewalks.
Comment from Livable Communities Chair Frank Caro
Our experience with pedestrian-friendly street lighting demonstrates the value of volunteering for BrooklineCAN to improve living conditions for Brookline residents of all ages. I urge you to bring your concerns to the Livable Community Advocacy committee, participate in a committee project, help to develop policy recommendations, and advocate for change.


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