Feedback on Electric Scooter Trial

The controversial electric scooter trial that began in early April will continue through November 15. At that time an evaluation will be made to determine the future of electric scooter rentals in Brookline. Feedback from the public will be a major consideration in the evaluation. Pedestrians are particularly concerned about operation of the scooters on sidewalks and parking of scooters in places that interfere with pedestrian movement. Because of feedback from residents, some changes have already been made to requirements for rental companies and their customers. A number of options are available now for providing feedback:
1.   Send an email message to 
2. Report to BrookOnLine. There is no special category for electric scooter feedback, but a badly parked scooter can be reported as a “sidewalk obstruction.”
3. Participate in a public meeting at Town Hall (6th floor) on June 12 at 6:30 pm. Select Board Member Heather Hamilton and Chris Dempsey, Chair of the Transportation Board will conduct the meeting.

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