Brookline Makes It Easy to Report Problems

Do you know about BrookONline?  It’s a free app for your mobile phone (iPhone or Android) where you can report problems such as potholes, broken sidewalks, burned-out street lights, sidewalks not cleared of snow, or broken signs or equipment.  BrookONline lets all of us become the Town’s eyes and ears.  You can submit the report from the exact location where the problem exists, because the app can automatically fill this in.

To obtain the app, go to the iPhone App Store or Google’s Play Store from your phone and search for BrookONline. Once you’ve downloaded and launched the app, fill in your own “Reporter” information, then choose “New Request” from the main menu.

Need help? BrooklineCAN is considering having volunteers available to provide one-on-one training. Let us know if you might be interested by calling 617-730-2777 or emailing

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