Benches, Pedestrians & BrooklineCAN

In the months ahead, look for new benches along both sides of Beacon Street sidewalks. In direct response to a request from the BrooklineCAN Livable Community Advocacy Committee, the Department of Public Works is planning to install new benches to support those who walk along Beacon Street. Most of the new benches will be placed in between the commercial areas. In the past, benches on Beacons Street have been located only in the St. Mary’s, Coolidge Corner, and Washington Square commercial districts. Because many people walk all along Beacon Street, BrooklineCAN has advocated for an expanded supply of benches. The new benches will be placed in locations where the benches do not interfere with either pedestrian traffic or those who park cars along the curbs.

Also in response to a request from BrooklineCAN, the Town is seeking a donor for a proposed new bench on Harvard Street near the intersection with Stearns Road. The bench placement will create a pocket park within an existing cluster of street trees. The Parks and Open Space Division offers a popular program that makes is possible to honor individuals by dedicating benches in parks. Now the Town is extending that program to the Harvard Street sidewalk. For more information, contact the Parks and Open Space Division (617-730-2088).

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