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Navigating Your  Healthcare

Ailene Gerhardt, Founder of Beacon Patient Advocates, will speak on “Navigating Your Healthcare: Tips and Tools for the Empowered Patient” on May 16 at the Brookline Senior Center, 93 Winchester Street.  Ailene says that “Being an empowered patient means knowing the ways to advocate for oneself and loved ones.  It means becoming/being comfortable asking questions and becoming knowledgeable about health information, medical conditions, and treatment options.”   Refreshment reception 6:00 to 6:30 pm; program with Q & A 6:30 to 7:30 pm.  Free of charge.  Call 617-730-2770 to register for this BrooklineCAN event.

A Special Offer for BrooklineCan Members

Here is a chance to hear one of Boston’s Premier Chamber Music Ensembles. Composers in their twilight years form the core of Chameleon Arts Ensemble’s 2018-19 chamber music season finale: Brahms’ G Major string quintet, Ravel’s  Sonata for violin and piano, Faure’s Piano Trio, Elliott Carter’s Tempo e Tempi, and.  Arnold Bax’s Elegiac Trio for flute, viola, and harp.

Performances take place on Saturday, May 18 at 8 PM, or Sunday, May 19 at 4 PM at First Church in Boston. BrooklineCAN readers can receive a 30% discount on regularly priced tickets at $47, $36 or $25. Tickets can be purchased in advance by visiting (use discount code CAN2019) or by phone at 617-427-8200.  

Proposal for More Pedestrian-Friendly Street Lighting

Through a proposal for the May Town Meeting, BrooklineCAN is seeking improved street lighting for pedestrians. The proposal calls for formation of a committee to prepare a plan to extend the pedestrian-friendly street lighting in the Town. Several years ago, the Livable Community Advocacy Committee took up concern about hazardous sidewalks at night. Our volunteers surveyed sidewalks at night in much of North Brookline and found many dark spots. Pedestrians are best served when utility poles are close together, light fixtures are low, and the lights positioned to illuminate sidewalks. Currently, Brookline has pedestrian-friendly lighting only in commercials areas. The plan would extend the improved lighting into residential areas where there is extensive foot traffic after dark.  Please ask your Town Meeting members to support Article 22.

Town Election May 7, 2019

This year’s town election is very important. Many town offices, town meeting members and the vote to resolve school overcrowding will be decided in the May 7th election. The Brookline LWV publishes a voter’s guide that gives a description of the offices and the candidates’ views. At the end of the Voters Guide is an overview of the Debt Exclusion that is on the ballot. See

Opting for a Driving-Free Lifestyle

City dwellers of all ages and abilities are reducing their dependence on driving.  Luckily, as seniors in our area transition from driving, they have many choices for travel. The TRIPPS program (Transportation Resources, Information, Planning & Partnership for Seniors) offers the support of a network of volunteers who offer seniors individual, personalized support as they explore and expand their transportation options. In addition, TRIPPS publishes a resource guide with a comprehensive list of travel options; it is online at and print copies are available at the Brookline Senior Center.   Have a transportation related question?  Want to know more about the MBTA, Uber/Lyft or the RIDE? Contact Maria at or call her at 617-730-2644.


You don’t need to go to the North End to play Bocce! Join the Brookline Recreation Department’s inaugural season right here in Brookline! The object of the sport of Bocce is for a team/player to get as many of their balls as close to the pallino (small white ball) as possible. Begin the match with the flip of a coin between teams/players. A team must continue to roll their bocce balls until it gets closer to the pallino than the closest ball of their opponents. For a video that shows you how the game works see: 
Location: Robert T. Lynch Municipal Golf Tuesdays from 4:00PM to 6:00PM, 5/7-6/11
Location: Coolidge Park (Kenwood, Columbia & Russell Streets) Thursdays from 1:00PM to 3:00PM, 5/9-6/13
Adult Drop-In Fee: $5